What was the first game to have colour?

Space Invaders was the first game to incorporate RGB colours. Tomohiro Nishikado created the game and released it in 1978. Originally sold and manufactured by Taito in Japan, the licence for production in the United States by Midway, a division of Bally, happened later that year. In the period of designing Space Invaders, Nishikado drew his inspiration from Breakout, The War of the Worlds and Starwars, which were very popular Media products at the time. He had to create custom hardware and his own development tools to complete Space Invaders.

Tomohiro Nishikado

The Creator of Space Invaders and all the development equipment that went with it.

The Space Invaders Arcade Game

The Arcade game that brought the Gaming Industry into a whole new era

Space Invaders was one of the biggest forerunners for the modern gaming industry and largely helped expand the gaming industry from being just a novelty industry into a full global industry. Making the first release of Space Invaders extremely popular.

The game was one of the largest inspirations for other video games. It was released multiple times on numerous platforms, and this came with several sequels. The systems sales were quadrupled with the release of the 1980’s Atari 2600 version and became the first video game known as a “Killer App” for consoles.

It is a two-dimensional fixed shooter game, where the player takes control over a laser gun at the bottom of the screen and shoot down alien ships that were floating down towards the player at a slow rate. The aliens would increase their movement speed the closer they got and on later levels of the game. Tanks, Combat Planes and Battleships were the early designs for the enemies, however, Nishikado was not happy with the movements of the enemies.

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Game Play of the Iconic game

Shoot those aliens before they get to you. Get the highest score and progress to new stages.