Retro Console History

Failures and victories of the Retro Console as it was developed over time by different corporations. Chilling facts and the secrets that brought you the best consoles we have today. We do our best to provide you the outline of the full Retro Console History with links to more details.

Who released the first console?

The game Pong was so popular that Atari released the console for home use in 1975. That same year, Magnavox upgraded their Odyssey system into two different consoles. The Odyssey 100 and the Odyssey 200 for home use.

When did nintendo release their first game console?

In the middle of 1983, Nintendo released their first home gaming console outside of Japan, for North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. The console was called the Family Computer or Famicom or known as the NES in the western countries, on which people could play the arcade favorites Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong JR and Popeye.

NES Consoles

First Nintendo World Wide Released Console

When was the first Sega console released?

Sega released their first console back in 1983, with their Japan exclusive SG-1000 console. Sega released a few different consoles for Japanese homes, which consisted of the SG-1000 II and the Sega Mark III (Which was rebranded as the Master System and released world wide in 1985). These consoles introduced games like Pit Pot, Hang-on, Space Harrier and many more in later years.


Sega’s First Console

SG-1000 II

Sega’s Second Console

Sega Master

First World Wide Release

When did sony get their start in the industry?

Sony originally partnered with Nintendo in 1988, to develop a CD-Rom Famicom system. Later Nintendo denied Sony’s involvement in anything they were developing and soon cancelled their partnership with Sony completely, causing the president of Sony to tell Ken Kutaragi (Also known as the Father of the PlayStation) to develop their own console to Rival Nintendo.

Near the end of 1994, the first PlayStation was released in Japan and the very next year it would be released worldwide. In 2000 the PlayStation had a re-branding and redesign, which was now known as the PlayStation 1.

During the redesign of their already popular PlayStation, Sony worked on their first handheld console, the PocketStation, which was only released for Japan. The PocketStation had a monochrome LCD screen, a speaker, real-time clock and infrared communication.


The PlayStation

The First Developed PlayStation By Sony

The PocketStation

The Handy Japanese Pocket Console

The PlayStation 1

2000’s Redesigned PlayStation